Your artist agency for successful events!

Let us entertain you! The entertainment professionals.

As an artist agency from the Frankfurt area, it is important to us to lead your event with first-class entertainment to success. Whether big stages with multi-day supporting program or small event with individual acts – with us you get not only artists. We fulfill your event wishes, because with us you are VIP!

Wir haben verschiedene Bands für Firmenfeiern zur Vermittlung


Whether cover band, live band, 90s band or show band. With our artists and entertainers a successful experience for your event is guaranteed.

Auf vermitteln wir Prominente und bekannte Persönlichkeiten


Stars make your event an unforgettable experience! We convey prominent artists. Well-known musicians, moderators, comedians and DJs await you.

Die Künstleragentur vermittelt Einzelkünstler und Showdarsteller


Take advantage of our large pool of first-class artists. With us you get artists for your corporate event, exhibition and gala.

Darsteller und Bühnenkünstler

Show Production

Delight your audience with a custom-made show. An experience that communicates your message and corporate or product image.


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“Thank you very much for everything – also for the uncomplicated and pleasant cooperation – our customer has explicitly emphasized the great performance of your artists.”
M. Rex, Michelin

“MANY THANKS from my / our side, it was a lot of fun with you and the guests were totally lost at every performance :-) So it should be …”

Mieke Meurer, fischerAppelt, live marketing GmbH for Merck KGaA

“The dancers did a great show, the kids motivated and worked great with them, both were super nice and easy to care for :-)
The collaboration with Silvana has worked great!”

Ryan Kopf, Lufthansa
“Dear Annabell, dear Streetlive Family,
For 30 years now we have been in the music business with our company and we have a lot to do with artists. Many artists have already impressed us – and you knocked us off! What an incredible power you have and how you rock the stage – fantastic! The whole audience since the first second up front with you on the stage! We are planning the next events with you soon. Thank you <3”
Lutz Bischoff , Die Alleslöser
“It really was a great party and we received so much positive feedback.
SAP Global Marketing Inc., SAP Celebration Night
“And a big thank you to the super nice and top organization in the background of All Entertainment.It just went well with everything – a guarantee for a successful event with reverberation!”
Stephanie Gleim, BEMER Group
“Your artists are always really great, thanks for that!”
Hendrik Mäder, Großer Preis des Mittelstandes
Everything was great, worked great yesterday. Thanks again for the great music, made a lot of fun with you, our guests were very enthusiastic.
Jörg Machalitzky, Aston Martin
I think you are fantastic!
Linda de Mol, Showmasterin
“The cooperation was great fun for us too – your” artist team “has given the Pool Night the perfect setting and therefore has a large share in the very good atmosphere during the evening event.The band Sweetlounge has fully convinced us.”
Klaus Hohmann, bbg Betriebsberatungs GmbH