Jingle, promo-, product- and teamsongs

Music moves people: it can create a memorable subconcious recognition and will reinforce your products and services.

We write songs and jingles as part of your branding, tailored to your target group and find fitting studio singers and musician in your preferred language. All-In-One package for your convinience.


Music productions for any occasion

Our long experience in the field of composition and realization of music productions includes:

  • Radio and TV Advertising (z.B. for Suncity Sonnenstudios, radio advertising: “Let it Shine”)
  • Sport Promotion Music (Düsseldorf Rheinfire, World Football League, Frankfurt Skyliners)
  • Customer specific productions (Rosenpark Klinik, Bellari, Škoda, Pro Aqua International, Dolce Hotels etc.)
  • Team songs (Proctor & Gamble, Hettich, Logica, Fresenius Kabi)


Fun & Effective Corporate Team Building Events:

Through composition and recording of a team or company song, your employees will get to know each other on a new level. They become artists and see how a sense of community is created, helping them to better identify with your company. Recording a song is the perfect corporate team building event to bond. The song conveys togetherness, because during drafting and execution, everyone is included and made part of the whole project.

The various tasks will be performed under the guidance of professional vocal coaches, songwriters and musicians – putting their heads together and exchanging creative ideas. The brand and company values will be internalized and emotionalized.

The results can be recorded there or at our sound studio and will be made available for your company party or other purposes. The big highlight will be the joint performance of the song in the eveing – also available in conjunction with a professional live band. A corporate team building event with lasting effect on your team.