Great projects, many unique encounters, moving moments and big show productions, we connect with the year 2013. As moving as the year began, so it ended: Joe Whitney went as a vocal coach on the tour 2013/2014 of the Voice of Germany finalists , The entertainment professional and thoroughbred musician passed on his extensive knowledge to the talents and prepared them for the shows. His interview in the official The Voice Tour Diary is here einsehbar.Da customer wished the stars of the “Voice of Germany” squadrons to the event, we brought “The Best Voices of Germany” on the stage and thrilled the audience with unforgettable moments. Similar but different, the order for Joe Whitney and other professionals from his band The StreetLIVE Family was a globally successful company. Along with a casting team, bandleaders Annabell and Joe scored 50 talents out of 6,000 employees worldwide. Almost a whole year, these received u.a. from the StreetLIVE Family Coachings, to be on stage with their own shows in September. After work, a lot of fun, some desperation but many wonderful moments, the staff talents were celebrated with great emotions in front of nearly 6,000 spectators in the Gerry Weber Stadium. No matter on which theme: A three-week tailor-made Casino Royale project for sales managers, artists for the evening event of a fair in the Westfalenhallen with 3,000 guests on the theme of Cruising with stops in the Caribbean and Hamburg Fish Market, a Spanish Open Air Fiesta for the IHK Darmstadt, an innovative live non-stop music concept on 2 levels, a sexy, glamorous Mouline Rouge Show for re-opening Where: An exclusive Top Secret wedding on Sylt, high on the lake in Norway, on a moving historic carousel in Paris or on the Kitzbühel mountain peak in the snow: Our artists have their audience with their passion, professionalism and fun excited to pass the special events The same quality, but always different, that’s what VW Motorsport wants for the DTM Tour every year. Also in 2013 we have fulfilled this request and thus the VIP tent of VW Motorsport remained the hot spot of the DTM parties and we can already reveal that he will stay with us in 2014. For the fourth year in a row we created with our artists and This year’s Main Act Aura Dione for a large financial company, the evening event and enthusiastic repeats the over 6,000 employees. Our exclusive acts also had an exciting year 2013: Since Jessica Houston with her sympathetic charisma and velvety soul voice with us and our enthusiastic customers again and again caused long-lasting goosebumps Feeling, we have developed a separate lounge project with her and our best musicians. For half a year fine details were filmed, a video shot and some beautiful performances implemented. Now we are very happy, with Sweetlounge feat. Jessica Houston to establish a new noble and high-quality lounge act on the market. Our band The StreetLIVE Family left us no room for boredom in 2013: over 300 times we sent them all over Germany and Europe! Performances with or directly by stars such as Aura Dione, Curtis Stigers, Max Mutzke, DJ Bobo, Percival Duke, Verona Pooth and Gil Ofarim crowned one or the other appearance. Despite the many appearances, the fun and creativity of our musicians never remained the track: Backstage videos posted on facebook not only made us laugh in the office. How would we at least be able to guess what 2014 is all ready for us … projects on Sicily, Malta and in London with stars like Sarah Connor and David Garrett and also the DTM Tour 2014 for Volkswagen Motorsport are already very promising signs for an exciting year.2014 starts internally for us with a great change: We are very happy about great and competent addition: Carolin Schmitt comes with years of event experience, conspicuously good mood and highly motivated to us – not only our agency dogs are completely enthusiastic about her. Thus we are best prepared and look forward to f you and many exciting challenges for the year 2014.
All Entertainment – Rueckblick 2013 – Joe Whitney – The Voice of Germany
All Entertainment – Rueckblick 2013 – Talent Show
All Entertainment – Rueckblick 2013 – Moulin Rouge – Verona Pooth – Lippert Opening – Cocktail Divas
All Entertainment – Rueckblick 2013 – Streetwalkers – Berggipfel
All Entertainment – Rueckblick 2013 – Aura Diona