Keynote Speaker

Annabell Whitney

Profil: Entrepreneur, singer and keynote speaker

publication: “Tag-Starter” – Der Glücks- und Erfolgsplaner

Become the rock star of your life, because we all have the right to be happy! Let’s get out of the way of the fat stumbling blocks that prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams.

Peter Lüder

Profil: Director & amp; rhetoric

Publication: “Wie würde Johnny Depp präsentieren?” – Was Sie von Schauspielern für Ihren Vortrag lernen können

Peter Lüder teaches at various universities as a university lecturer and supports executives in presentations and public appearances as a coach in business.

Lorenzo Scibetta

Profil: Leadermacher

Veröffentlichung: “Rockstar Fibel” – Werde jetzt ein Rockstar für Dein Team

Lorenzo Scibetta touches, opens and activates hearts in his seminars and moves people. Make employees, customers and partners real fans.

Tobias Kämmerer

Profil: Radio host, singer & amp; Keynote Speaker

Known from:

He is one of the best-known voices in Hesse. What few people know about the sympathetic TV and radio presenter: he is a trained coach for executives.

Feature-length Keynote Programm: Feel it!

This event with Annabell Whitney makes you extremely happy. Feel it with Feel! a breathtaking atmosphere and an unprecedented combination of live music, power and inspiration. This varied party evening motivates and can change your life forever.

The StreetLIVE Family mit Joe Whitney, Julianna Townsend (GNTM Finalistin 2018), BB Thomaz (The Voice of Germany Finalistin 2017), Diana Schneider (Köln 50667) und DJ KC (Antenne Frankfurt) provide the musical program. The second Keynote Speaker is HR3 Moderator Tobias Kämmerer on board.

What is a keynote speech?

A keynote speech usually has a motivating intention. It sets the overall tone and context for an event. Keynote speakers can open an event, occasionally provide relaxation or even the right ending.
Of course, the audience is the focus of attention in all presentations. Because in order to motivate, the connection of the speaker counts to the guests. This special relationship between speaker and audience arises through similarities, competence and sensitivity.

Next Level

We have the right Keynote Speaker for your event in our portfolio. According to participant size, target group, existing framework or budget. To further refine their event, they will find the best artists in our pool: bands, DJs, artists, presenters, starbooking and show productions.

With our in-house event agency True Blue Events, we can also provide the perfect overall process on request. Our team of event experts has been active in the event business for many years. In close cooperation with our customers, we design event concepts and accompany them from the planning phase to the final implementation and post-processing. The range of services includes: location search, catering, guest management, decoration, furniture, recruitment, graphics & printing, event technology, logistics, video production and photography.



“Keynote speakers do not just design an event, they give the event a deeper meaning for each individual in the audience.”

Lisa Josek, her contact person for keynote events.

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