The StreetLIVE Family

Die Liveband StreetLIVE Family ist eine Premium Eventband für Veranstaltungen

The Premium Coverband!

The Conga Award-winning cover band, The StreetLIVE Family, is one of the best in the event business: Hardly anyone else can look back on so many successful appearances and enthusiastic customers. Their shows are bursting with energy, dynamism and vocal power, simply put: A class of its own!

What makes The StreetLIVE Family so special is their passion, heart and soul put into every single performance. Just like their closeness to the audience, allowing them to always respond individually, no matter whether they are performing at a party, gala or lounge event, with or without a DJ, dancers or with stars such as Max Mutzke or Shaggy.

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The StreetLIVE Family


The StreetLIVE Family


The StreetLIVE Family


The StreetLIVE Family



Every musician is unique and strong together. Many more information about the band and their musicians can be found here for online viewing and download. There are characters and passions to discover that make the StreetLIVE Family so unique.

Energy, Dynamics & Voice

A legendary band that leaves a lasting impression and delights your guests. Your guests will experience an unforgettable evening full of good mood with the StreetLIVE Family. The exceptional musicians have a repertoire of over 200 songs that they interpret second to none.