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The mobile band

The perfect walking act!

The StreetWalkers are a mobile band of professional musicians, singers and entertainers from all over the world.

The band is mobile because they get by without a cable. An unobtrusive, mobile amplifier makes it possible. As a result, they can occur anywhere and without a stage. Where they are is guaranteed fun and humor. The StreetWalkers are known for their humorous, charming and interactive style. Guests feel surrounded by music. This makes the performance a 360 degree experience.


Neither additional technique, soundcheck or a stage are needed!

The StreetWalkers are particularly well suited for loosening up at receptions, as a crowd puller at trade fairs or for events within different premises. Everywhere where movement and flexibility are needed. Whether dinner, lounge, dance or party music – the StreetWalkers are ideal for corporate events, concerts, festivals, private parties, city festivals and trade fairs. They are the musical act that brings dynamism and movement to the audience.

Incidentally, there are the StreetWalkers chic in black or as a fresh summer band in white!


“The StreetWalkers are the perfect mobile band if you do not want classic stage entertainment! The musicians are incredibly flexible due to the sleek mobile amplifier, they do not even need a soundcheck and move right into the audience.”

Silvana Lodato, your contact for the StreetWalkers