Diana Schneider

Sängerin Diana Schneider ist bei der Künstleragentur All Entertainment unter Vertrag

The singer with energy and soul!

Diana Schneider enchants her audience with her strong stage presence and unmistakable soul voice. The passion for music has been an integral part of her life since her early childhood, because it was clear early on – she would like to be on a big stage! Diana Schneider became known as an actress in the series ‘Köln 50667’. Today, the ambitious singer in the music scene is one of the most popular female artists in Germany and is constantly experiencing new successes.


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“I find her music incredibly expressive, and when you see her on stage, she sprays fire from the inside out for her passion.” Diana Schneider is an artist who gives soul to her event with her musicVIP factor. “- Lisa Josek, Booking & Advice