Annabell Whitney

Entrepeneur, Singer & Keynote Speaker!

Annabell Whitney is a rare blend of beauty, dynamics, performance artist and strong voice.

She actively involves the audience in her show. She gives everything when it comes to turning business people into party animals. The entertainer knows how to respond to a clientele that demands the most and to captivate them. A multitude of enthusiastic, long-standing customers and more than 1000 successful performances all over Europe – that’s Annabell Whitney!

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The singer Annabell Whitney and the moment when she enters the stage

There are gigs, the artists are on stage and still very far away. Unapproachable and like from another planet. But then there
it’s these magical evenings. You meet an artist who manages to really get carried away. Anyone who has experienced Annabell Kay on stage, then goes home with the feeling of getting to know the singer a little bit and having an exceptionally good party with friends. Annabell Kay not only has a voice that is second to none, but is an exception from head to toe. In her white dress she stands on stage, surrounded by her band, which she calls her “Family”. She radiates as if a spotlight were pointing at her. She opens the concert and directly captures the audience. Great artists do not necessarily need a big ego. They just have to be authentic.

The StreetLIVE Family - Medley (Annabell Whitney)
The StreetLIVE Family - Aint nobody & move it (Annabell Whitney)

Die Keynote-Speaker Annabell Whitney – 100% MUSIC.POWER.INSPIRATION

Whether on the boards that mean the world, as a singer and speaker or behind the scenes as an entrepreneur – Annabell Whitney rocks her life in the final stage mode. Her achievements are all the more impressive when you realize that Annabell Whitney, as an artist, manager, managing director of 2 companies, family head and speaker, is doing several full-time jobs simultaneously. With All Entertainment GmbH she leads for over 20 years
the most successful artist agencies in Germany. Her talent to inspire people made her work with world stars like Michael Jackson, Joe Cocker and a number of greats in politics and business. After more than 2,500 performances worldwide, several chart successes and TV appearances, she wants to let others share in her secret of success. Your passionate message: Become the rock star of your life! Because we all have a damned right to happiness and success!

Annabell Whitney - Keynote Speaker
The StreetLIVE Family - Highway to hell (Annabell Whitney)
StreetLIVE Family - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Annabell Whitney)