Guest management

With our intuitive and easy-to-use online platform, you’ll greatly simplify the login process for your guests and your team. Whether you have 20 or 2,000 guests, with Eventhost you can manage your participants’ data efficiently and access many automated processes that we customize to your needs, such as: For example, the automatic sending of registration confirmations or the simple management of hotel quota.

Reliable, individual & safe

Eventhost is the software solution for the entire registration and monitoring process of an event. The smart tool simplifies the registration process for your participants and can be individually adapted to your company and your event. Surprise your guests with our up-to-date online solution in a fresh and clear design. Especially for small to medium-sized budgets Eventhost is ideal. The system includes an individualized landing page in the corporate design, registration forms, ticketing with individual barcodes on the guests’ entrance tickets, automated e-mail dispatch, on-site check-in and smart evaluation tools. All contact and reservation data can always be viewed and edited by various employees at any time, at any place.

Features of Eventhost

With our system you get an internet platform, on which the participants can register for your event. On the individual landing page in your corporate design and provided with your company logo, you can greet your guests, inform and present the program. Nothing is more important than an intuitive and uncomplicated service with a representative design for the successful registration of your guests. In the background the smart software gives you all the desirable options. To register, a mask is used, which organizes the registration of participants with mandatory information. Here, for example, name, position, company, e-mail address (possibly including validation), note and consent button regarding data processing and storage can be displayed.

With the software you get a tool that makes the skilful management of all registered persons and the further processing of the data possible. Depending on your requirements, you can manually activate participants (confirm or reject your event) and receive regular registration statuses from us. Another feature of Eventhost is the allocation of quota management for the hotel rooms. Guests can choose from pre-designated hotels and are provided with all the important information (location, directions, price, cancellation and payment terms). An automatic e-mail service is part of Eventhost to make important functions possible: Confirmation of registration, Activation with program information, cancellation, waiting list and ticket dispatch (PDF) with barcode for mobile phone or for printing. Also individual functional possibilities are feasible. As a customer, you will also receive a system administrator who is your contact and your own admin access. We are happy to take over the registration of your participants on site by scanner, laptop, registration desk and most importantly: friendly staff. That’s how you have a direct overview of the participants and no-shows.


Process – A little insight into the system.

Eventhost is simple and straightforward to use. The website is clearly arranged and the operation is intuitive and user-friendly. And this is how easy it is, an example: The participants receive a link to the landing page (eg, which is provided with your logo and adapted to your CI, and provides first information for the guests (process, contact person, etc.).

The participants enter their data and can select a hotel, specify special features (food selection, allergies, transfer selection, etc.) – depending on what is required for your event. After login, a general text appears on the page, e.g. Thanks for signing up and that the guest will receive a confirmation email. The email with the entered data will be automatically sent to the guest for inspection.

You, as a customer, have access to the platform to unlock the applications, if they so wish. We check the availability of the desired hotel rooms (contingents) and send the confirmation e-mail with further information on location, directions, cancellation and payment terms to the participant.

On request, a first registration phase with limited quota can be switched. If the seats are occupied, the registration platform is closed. A general message with the content appears that there are no more seats available, but the customer is welcome to write an e-mail and we check if any other participants have canceled and thus have vacated places. Talk to us – the possibilities are almost unlimited and our programmers are happy to create the perfect solution for you as well.


Eventhost is simply awesome, because this software provides a simple and smart solution for participant management. The program is from the forge of our in-house developer Justin Frisch. So the first-hand support and customization is super easy. ”

Ines Kießling, your contact person for the guest management system Eventhost.

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